Parent Testimonials

It was a great concern of mine to make sure my daughter is educated in a happy and healthy environment, one that promotes spiritual awareness, requires good manners, kindness and courteousness from every person in the school. My daughter has improved greatly in several areas: writing, verbal communication, word recognition, math and reasoning skills. She has learned to be honest, motivated and assertive in her academics. She enjoys everything about CARE Elementary School and looks forward to attending daily. Before I found CARE Elementary, we had planned to relocate out of this community. Thank you for providing my daughter with motivated educators willing to listen and act on the concerns of parents…a safe, caring and spiritual environment dedicated to learning.


CARE shows my third grade son that trusting God and putting Him first in everything he does will help him to succeed. He loves school. He’s made friends and is comfortable with his teachers. It’s delightful to have a great male role model in the Principal. My son is happy to do his work now and I have noticed tremendous improvement in his reading and math, especially reading.


CARE has assisted me in teaching my son to put God first and to know right from wrong. They push him to do his best. My kindergarten son is reading on his own now and he enjoys everything about school. He even does his computer learning programs at home. He’s happier and has become more mature at CARE.


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